RSS feed of all the blogs of our class

I just subscribed to all the blogs of our class in my Google Reader, since it would take me a lot of time to check out all the blogs regularly, and I assume the blogs won’t be updated too frequently.

Anyway, I made the subscriptions public, in case anybody is interested.

Also, if you want to show the latest posts from your classmates and professor on your blog, you can do it through adding the RSS widget to your Word Press blog.

All you should do is to go to Presentation, and then Widgets. Then drag the RSS widget to your sidebar. Click on the right side of the widget. A light box window opens. Enter this RSS feed URL, give it a suitable name (I named it J-Toolkit’s Blogs feeds), and choose the number of posts you want to be shown in your blog (I chose 5). Close the window and click save. That’s it! This way you don’t need to check all the blogs constantly to see if they have any updates. Of course to write comments you need to actually go and visit the blogs.


3 comments so far

  1. Mindy McAdams on

    Thank you for doing this, Sanam. I have followed your instructions and added the feed to the sidebar of my blog for this class. It’s very helpful!

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  3. Sanam on

    You’re welcome Mindy. Google reader makes life really easy!

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