My Second Soundslides

Wild Iris: A Bookstore of One’s Own” is my second Soundsldies. I’m much happier with this one comparing to my first one, specially because I’ve got a new digital SLR camera, which improved the quality of my photos instantly! (It’s a Nikon D40 with 18-135mm lens. These cameras make you a much better photographer, without even needing to learn anything! Of course there is so much to learn to become a good professional photographer, specially a photojournalist.)

I’m happy with the content of the audio. I edited it couple of times and it’s totally different from the version I submitted last week for my audio 2. I removed my stupid narrations and added comments from the customers of the store. (I might lose a grade for not using narrations, but I think this new version is much better than the old one and it is worth it!)

The quality of the audio is not very good though. I couldn’t get a hold of the lab’s audio recorders during the week that I was doing my interviews. It was surprising, because I know there are almost enough recorders in the lab, and some of the students are even using their own recorders. So, I have no idea where the rest of the recorders were! I had to use my MP3 player, which records good quality audio. However, I couldn’t plug in the microphone because of the stupid edge on my MP3 player’s microphone plug-in slot. So I had to use a cable which was narrow enough to get into the MP3 player, but I guess the long cable’s quality was not so good, so the audio is not good!

As for the content, I’m sure it could be much better. But here are the things I thought about while making this Soundslides (keeping Ira Glass recommendations about story telling in mind.)

1- I tried to show why this story matters, by including the customers’ positive comments about the place. (There weren’t any negative comments. People just loved this place!
2- I tried to have a sequence of action, by including the narration of one of the co-owners of the store about when the store was first built and how it has survived so far.
3- I tried to have a climax in the story, which is the opening of the coffee shop.
4- The moment of reflection can be either the fact that this place is the only feminist bookstore survived in Florida, or the survival itself, or the idea behind having a coffee shop. I’m not sure about this part though. I should ask Mindy what Ira Glass exactly means by a “moment of reflection.”

I would really appreciate to hear your feedback about any or all of the things I mentioned above!


2 comments so far

  1. amescua on

    Cool Sanam. Some cool photos (some others, a little bit dull), interesting topic… I want to go and check the place now!

  2. Mindy McAdams on

    Gary told me that some students have signed out recorders and then not returned them on time. So you see the result. How selfish of them! I am trying to decide how to penalize them for being so thoughtless and selfish. Grrr … ! I am sorry you had to go without because some people are so thoughtless.

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