Journalists’ Toolkit Class: My Feelings

I love reporting. I love story telling. I love telling stories of real and everyday experiences of people. I love to go to a strange place, spend some time there, interact with its people, and come to new understandings about that place and its people, and share those understandings with others. That’s why I always wanted to be a journalist since my childhood and that’s why I chose to study journalism at the University of Florida.

But my dreams seemed not coming true, after I took a reporting class at UF and found out about my shortcomings in writing in English. Being an Iranian who has been in the US for less than four years, I realized that I can never master English language the way I know my own native Persian. Comparing my news stories written in English and Persian, I realized that the soul my work has in Persian is missing in my English stories. My English writings do not have the same creativity my Persian writings do, because I lack the knowledge of words with which I can play with, to create an amusing and influential story.

But after a semester in a class about online journalism, I discovered that there exist tools other than words that can help me tell my stories. Photos, audio, Soundslides, and video are all platforms through which I can tell my stories, without feeling mute.

The skills I learned in Journalists’ Toolkit class gave me a new voice that I can raise to follow my dream of being a story teller. And I strongly believe that many times multimidia platforms help you tell an even more powerful story than a print story. After all, a picture tells a thousand words. Pictures accompanied with effective audio narrations can even tell more…


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