Fire FTP

This is the best FTP client I’ve ever seen. Works fast, and allows directory comparison and syncing directories while navigating. More importantly, it is just an add-on on Firefox! Install the add-on here in a second, and you can go to Tools in Firefox and open th FTP client in a Firefox window! Best Firefox add-on I’ve ever seen. (Even better than the ad blocker and Web developer add-ons!)

I was so happy with Fire FTP that I donated a very little amount of money to its developer, just to show my appreciation. Maybe you should do that too if you are as happy as I am with their service. God bless Firefox. 🙂

p.s. Check out this great easy to understand Fire FTP tutorial Mindy McAdams has put online for us.


3 comments so far

  1. Roja on

    I need to use one of these FTPs soon!

  2. Mindy McAdams on

    Don’t miss my easy, short and free tutorial page for using Fire FTP:

  3. Sanam on

    Thanks Mindy. This is a great easy to understand tutorial. I could figure right ahead how to work with Fire FTP when I installed it, but I’m going to give a link to the tutorial in my Persian blog because I know some people will really benefit from it.

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