Sanam Dolatshahi

I’m Sanam Dolatshahi, a Women’s Studies and Mass Communications grad student at the University of Florida. I am also the online managing editor of Radioz Zamaneh on Fridays and Saturdays.

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This blog started as part of my required work for my fall 2007 Journalists’ Toolkit class at UF College of Journalism, which I decided to keep updating after the class ended.

In this blog I write about my observations, critique, and questions on the ways online journalism is being practiced around the globe.

I’m Iranian. I came to the US in 2004. I’m a feminist and a women’s rights activist.

I’ve been blogging in Persian as Khorshid Khanoom since 2001 (I’m one of the first Iranian female bloggers), and I started my English blog in 2003 as Lady Sun.

You can contact me by email at:

sanamd [at] ufl [dot] edu

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