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Online Journalism Culture Shock in the UK

I haven’t written for a while, because I was stuck with my thesis and projects at grad school. And then had to quickly move to UK for a broadcast job. I don’t know if my work place will let me keep up this blog or not, especially because it might include analysis and critique of my work place as well (as it did in the past before I become employed in the current media company), so I will check with my editors soon.

But I just quickly wanted to document my feeling of shock and awe, for how much the rest of the world is far from American discussions and hype about online journalism, how much print is still highly respected, how much your online experience can easily and totally be ignored, how much Web can be ignored all together, and even how unpopular Firefox is. I have to confess my first impression was disappointment over not finding a work place computer that has Firefox on it, and I didn’t have admin permission to install one. (I later found a few computers with already installed Firefox which some needed upgrades and some would crash upon restarting.) Free Wifi is almost nonexistent here in the UK as far as I’ve seen. Work place and my hotel doesn’t offer Wifi at all. My iPod touch still has unsent emails I wrote in it during my flight to the UK two weeks ago. I faced with so many other connectivity issues as well which is pushing me towards buying an iPhone although I don’t want to be stuck with an 18-month cell phone contract.

So, I kinda feel like my education has been useless. I feel like a stranger in my new work place and my experience is not being appreciated or used. I’m having a culture shock I guess. 😐